www.gray-scale.org/infantry - "Try This With Your Eyes Closed".
"5 out of 5 stars! How do they write such amazing songs...Ok Folks. So heres the scoop on the new alesana record...the album is full of tight riffs, guitar harmonies, screams that will make your adrenaline rush, and choruses that are sure to stick in your head all day. Its an amazing cd from start to finish so be sure to pick up your copy of the album" -smartpunk.com "...let me just tell you...once it goes in your cd player its not coming out, this album is so amazing its just insane... when they come to your town, go see them, you will not regret it...these guys are amazing live!" -smartpunk.com "Coming up from Ashes of pop music, Alesana is sure to turn heads and hearts in their direction. With melodic intros and commanding yet peaceful vocals they capture the essence of sound from emo/post hardcore movement happening across NC. This band features guitar riffs that are anything but clich that when put together create a dynamic song full of ever changing moods created by 5 talented musicians from Raleigh, NC. After listening to Alesana you will find yourself singing along to the passionate lyrics that capture common themes shared by all." -review done by www.gray-scale.org/infantry on alesanas debut ep "Try This With Your Eyes Closed".